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9791185657004 - CHANG-HUN SIM: Things gone. Things forgotten.

Things gone. Things forgotten. (2014) (?)

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ISBN: 9791185657004 (?) or 1185657002, in english, GLEE, GLEE, GLEE, New, ebook, digital download

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Things gone. Things forgotten. Episode 1 Korea, 2013. A couple dating in Samchung-dong passes by an old-fashioned sugar biscuit (Dalgona) vendor. The vendor promises one extra biscuit if the star shape is cut out without breaking, and the protagonist drifts back into his childhood memories as he diligently carves out the star shaped biscuit. He is reminded of the days he used to carve shapes out of biscuits with thorns of hardy oranges, the surrounding scenery, and the days he used to play all day and return home, gazing up at the milky way in the sky. Things gone. Things forgotten. Episode 2 Nearby Seoul, at Hyun-woo's house. One day, Hyun-woo is hit by swallow droppings on his way out. He starts to ask, no, wail for, his mother to get rid of the swallow's nest. The mother, on the other hand, feels nothing but delight to see a swallow's nest in such a long time. She starts to look into why the swallow was gone for so long…