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Fundamentals of Molecular Catalysis -compare every offer

9780080532134 - Hideo Kurosawa, Akio Yamamoto: Fundamentals of Molecular Catalysis
Hideo Kurosawa, Akio Yamamoto (?):

Fundamentals of Molecular Catalysis (2003) (?)

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ISBN: 9780080532134 (?) or 0080532136, in english, Elsevier Science, New, ebook

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Almost all contemporary organic synthesis involve transition metal complexes as catalysts or particular reagents. The aim of this book is to provide the reader with detailed accounts of elementary processes within molecular catalysis to allow its development and as an aid in designing novel catalytic systems. The book comprises authoritative reviews on elementary processes from experts working at the forefront of organometallic chemistry. This is the first book that focuses on elementary processes in transition metal complexes for understanding catalytic mechanisms Provides detailed description of elementary processes involved in catalytic cycles by experts in the field Provides an overview of the mechanisms of various homogeneous catalyses Productinformatie:Taal: Engels;Formaat: ePub met kopieerbeveiliging (DRM) van Adobe;Bestandsgrootte: 30.25 MB;Kopieerrechten: Het kopiëren van (delen van) de pagina's is niet toegestaan ;Printrechten: Het printen van de pagina's is niet toegestaan;Voorleesfunctie: De voorleesfunctie is uitgeschakeld;Geschikt voor: Alle e-readers te koop bij (of compatible met Adobe DRM). Telefoons/tablets met Google Android (1.6 of hoger) voorzien van boekenbol app. PC en Mac met Adobe reader software;ISBN10: 0080532136;ISBN13: 9780080532134; Engels | Ebook | 2003
9780080532134 - Fundamentals of Molecular Catalysis

Fundamentals of Molecular Catalysis (?)

ISBN: 9780080532134 (?) or 0080532136, in english, Pergamon; Pergamon Press, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, New, ebook, digital download

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